What Dating With Vaginismus Is Like

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Revision (DSM-IV), defines vaginismus as repeated and persistent involuntary spasm of the vaginal muscles that interferes with intercourse. This condition causes penetration to be difficult and painful, or even impossible. Vaginismus is considered a sexual dysfunction although the patient may often have pain with tampon insertion and gynecologic examinations as well. It is a complex condition with several possible causes that may result from past sexual trauma or abuse, other psychological factors, or a history of discomfort with sexual intercourse.

And why not remain sexually active for as long as you feel well and physically comfortable? Pregnancy is not an illness, and sexual intimacy is an important aspect of the relationship. 32 Patients who do not respond to this therapy should be referred to a sex therapist who specializes in the treatment of women with this disorder . Treatment relies on maximizing stimulation and minimizing inhibition.31 Stimulation may include masturbation with prolonged stimulation and/or the use of a vibrator as needed, and muscular control of sexual tension .

Times Sex and the City Was Actually a Primer in Women’s Health

No specific tests are universally recommended for patients with sexual dysfunction. Attention to routine screening tests must not be overlooked. See related patient information handout on sexual dysfunction in women, written by the author of this article. If there is burning pain around the entrance of the vagina, or there’s tearing, it could be vulvar vestibulitis ― what Langdale-Schmidt experienced ― and require a topical steroid. A drop in estrogen, like during menopause or after childbirth, can lead to irritation provoked by a lack of lubrication; this might require a topical hormone for treatment.

This is incredibly important for people who suffer from vaginismus, since forcing sex can cause tearing and result in a more complicated road to recovery. Vaginismus gave me the unsuspecting blessing of weeding out impatient partners. I made sure to only communicate with people who were willing to 1) understand 2) discuss it with me 3) be patient.

Diagnosis and Tests

Nothing worked wonders for her until she tried pelvic floor physical therapy. If, however, your doctor determines vaginismus is an issue, Rowen calls pelvic floor physical therapy “the mainstay” of treatment. Past traumas or physical conditions can also contribute to vaginismus, causing women to feel uneasy at the thought of penetrative sex or sexual contact at all. Treating vaginismus is going to be a very personal journey for every woman, and every couple.

Physical problems are usually identified by reviewing individual and couple factors and then confirmed by the physical examination. The physical problems can be a primary cause of dyspareunia, or contribute to interpersonal or intrapersonal problems. Table 4 summarizes these factors, which were presented in an early article that reviewed 230 patients with dyspareunia who had been assessed. The four major categories in this table include trauma, atrophy, inflammation, and obstruction-fixation. Pelvic congestion-varicosities are being identified more often with transvaginal ultrasound with the patient in the sitting position, or pelvic venogram.

It was not until years later that I discovered my passion as an autism sexuality advocate. I have collaborated with researchers to help them gain insight into and improve the sexual experiences of autistic women. Researchers still find the idea of autistic women as sexual beings hard to accept, and still perpetuate misunderstandings about when, how and why we have sex.

However, Botox, short for botulinum toxin, is also used to treat a number of chronic pain conditions. This is because Botox paralyzes the muscles into which it is injected. This prevents them from contracting—either consciously or unconsciously. That’s why Botox is useful for preventing wrinkles—people can’t move their faces. It’s also why it’s used for chronic pain conditions like TMJ, headaches, bladder pain, and vaginismus. Reducing tension in the problematic muscles also reduces pain.

It’s important to recognize that this process takes time and consistency. This could be pelvic floor exercises, along with the use of dilators. These are tube-shaped objects of different sizes, which you insert into the vagina. You begin with the very smallest and work up to the next size once you’re comfortable. But so many women I see are having painful sex, and they think [it’s] just life,” Rullo says. But it’s not, and you don’t have to continue experiencing it.

Due to existing stigmas around female sexuality, female health, and the female genitals, women may be underreporting sexual dysfunctions. Instead, the DSM-5 classifies the condition under genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder . This phrase describes a constellation of vulvovaginal problems, including vaginismus. That means the condition isn’t only triggered by penetrative sex. Some people with vaginismus may tense up during medical exams or struggle to insert a tampon. They also might experience symptoms in some situations but not in others.

She began to experiment with inserting objects and masturbation. Vaginismus Vaginismus is an involuntary tightness of the vagina during attempted intercourse. If HookupGenius this is allowed I’d love to connect with people who have had this experience and healed from it if anyone wants to just talk—an email you can reach me at is