The newest Slovaks: teachers you to definitely moved to Transcarpathia out of Slovakia as well as their tales

The newest Slovaks: teachers you to definitely moved to Transcarpathia out of Slovakia as well as their tales

Yan Pohanych, Valeria Kizakova, Svitlana Surova, Dagmar Kralikova and you can Eva Diuroshova are four instructors that moved to Uzhhorod out of various towns out-of Slovakia. All of them taken out your state program, tickets an effective casting of teaching overseas in the event of an unbarred vacancy and discovered themselves inside Uzhhorod, though each of them got a unique determination to have signing up for the fresh system and you may made it happen into the a new year.

And so the teacher believes it does only be reasonable to remain together up to it scholar in the number 1 university, that is, most of the 4 years

Some of them were right here for a couple of many years although some – to possess 9. Per enjoys his or her own attention of the practise processes, pupils’ results, residing Uzhhorod and perceiving off Ukraine. Every one of them features his personal facts.

In order to Mr

Mr. Yan could have been staying in Uzhhorod to possess eight ages. Their price is valid for example a whole lot more seasons however, the following year he will become creating a course from university novices. Besides, he has got different plans regarding their own getting realized here.

The latest teacher had produced his acquaintance with Uzhhorod a long time before. He was to relax and play sporting events into 2004. Truth be told there once was a team, Lotos Uzhhorod, in which he accustomed visit all recreations meets.

– I do believe you to really-bred people can cause a civilized community, so they will be involved which have: see galleries, the brand new castle, series, athletics incidents, – the newest teacher was hoping. – I’ve a lot of artist loved ones thus i have a tendency to check out various workshops, events, during the philharmonic. You will need to keeps a social existence. I remain advising men and women that Uzhhorod try a very cultural town, a conference host to other generations, besides elderly people however, babies as well.

The fresh teacher claims you to definitely Slovak and you will Ukrainian kids are the same to possess your, and that it all depends about grownups dictate her or him, in what environment it develop.

– It simply matters a great deal, What i’m saying is the new teacher’s thinking to your students, – states Mr. Yan. – Immediately after the guy reveals in it and you will tell them he could be to their level, immediately after which they are going to get used to facts: the fresh new teacher feels as though her or him and can gradually opened ahead of him. In the event the he cannot have the ability to accomplish that at a time, the youngsters commonly close up, and it will end up being very hard to change something. And so the teacher’s activity is always to open children and you may render a road, book him both in order to art or even to mathematics, chemistry or perhaps to astronautics. While making performing fascinating, the newest professor should look for the fresh selection, brand new entertainment. I make fairy reports but i have already with it the youngsters for the occupations. I’m interested in art, I make the babies beside me to different museums, theatre performances. It means collaboration. Invention, besides for the kids but for myself, also.

Yan’s attention, among the many trouble typical in order to Uzhhorodians is punctuality. They frequently neglect to get real some time may come for new conference half an hour or even an hour afterwards. In terms of skills Ukrainians, there’s absolutely no disease, so long as you do not imagine is some one you’re not.

– Ukrainians and you can Slovaks have become welcoming and you can amicable anyone, unlock and you may sincere and you will happy to works. For them this is not an issue to search somewhere any big date after all – have always been or even in the night time, on a holiday. It know they want to work in buy to achieve certain efficiency. Not wait a little for a particular day however, move ahead and you may works when you need it, – claims the fresh professor.

Ms Svitlana Surova has been doing work in the town for more than 8 many years, longest of all the Slovak instructors in the Uzhhorod. The new teacher has started the girl 3rd 4-year’s months. She transferred to Transcarpathia regarding the city of Mykhaylovtse.

– I can not come across one difference between Slovaks and you can Ukrainians whatsoever. We live extremely near to both, – new professor tells. – I enjoy Ukrainian music. Nevertheless the Slovak ones is nice, also. Folks are nice right here, just in case I would be to compare babies, these include an identical every-where. So long as you go up determination and you can a want to investigation, they are going to. And is very important to your primary school to give babies a hit for eg a wish investigation.

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