Just after to the, Anya holds particular data files, in addition they forget both police

Just after to the, Anya holds particular data files, in addition they forget both police

They go up to right back. What Jack and you can Anya have no idea is the fact Schmitt is actually doing work to have a corrupt CIA representative called Oceans, who wants to sell new MK Super into the highest buyer. Seaka and you will Urich want to get its on the job the new MK Super for the same reason. Also it was Schmitt who oversaw new bombing out-of George’s limo. Jack and you may Anya set reduced to possess per night during the a large house. On following day, Schmitt and one out of his guys locate Cyrell, an excellent wheelchair-playing with son who’s seeing over Amanda to own Anya. Not long just after, Seaka and you may Urich get there, and a few minutes later, Jack and you may Anya get there.

Straight back within higher family, Jack calls his CIA buddy Rogers, who is an effective hacker

Amanda is not around. But Jack do select Amanda’s backpack. Seaka and you can Urich are located in, and you will Seaka holds Anya and you will sets a tool so you can the woman lead. Seaka says to Jack to provide your the newest MK Super, or Anya dies. Jack shoots Seaka and you can Urich, and Jack and you will Anya eliminate. Seaka passes away, and you will Urich phone calls Jensen and you may requests a conference towards the rooftop out of a parking driveway. Jack asks Rogers so you can cheat towards MK Super investment and you may avoid they forever. On the roof of your own parking garage, Urich meets which have Jensen, the person you to definitely Urich and you will Seas for each have to promote this new MK Ultra so you’re able to. Jensen along with his boy begin overcoming Urich up.

As part of an intend to set Jensen right up, she tells him one Jack is actually interviewing Seas and you can Schmitt regarding main library. When they hang-up, Jensen’s boy eliminates Urich. Exactly as Jack and you may Anya is making the enormous family, men in a chopper reveals flame in it. The person are doing work for Seas. Jack and you can Anya focus on straight back inside and you may hop out from the front doorway so you’re able to Anya’s taxi. While they leave, this new helicopter gives pursue, and you will Jack and you may Anya mask the car in certain trees. Jack becomes aside and you will fires multiple images, inducing the chopper to help you explode. At the embassy, Jack delays to possess Ambassador Cochran inside her workplace. Jack says to this lady to share with Oceans to generally meet that have him at the the Central Library.

During the collection, Jack observes Schmitt and you can Oceans. Seas enjoys one of his people show their so you’re able to him into the a beneficial balcony significantly more than. Drinking water informs Jack which he possess a minute to stop the latest algorithm, otherwise Amanda might be tossed from the balcony. All of a sudden, Jack fatally shoots the guy who’s carrying http://datingranking.net/nl/date-me-overzicht Amanda. Schmitt attempts to shoot Anya. Jack holds Waters’s give, and you will pushes Seas to fatally test Schmitt. Immediately after which Jack fires four images, eliminating Seas. As the Anya tries to get Amanda to help you protection, Jensen’s two henchmen open-fire to the Jack. Jack kills one of them, and then face Jensen and his most other henchman.

Jack holds Jensen’s weapon hand and results in Jensen to help you flame two shots, killing the brand new henchman, and then Jack puts Jensen’s attention out, and you may departs your so you’re able to die

Just like the Jack renders, George steps in side from him that have a weapon. Jack kills George by using a fighting styles move, a unique strike to your boobs, you to sends George in reverse into the a wall, and there is bloodstream toward wall structure since George slumps down. Rogers cheats into the MK Super program and you can puts a conclusion to your endeavor, and Jack is reunited having Amanda. Later, Ambassador Cochran provides Jack an excellent passport to provide to Anya therefore she will be able to go to America. After Jack and you can Amanda return to the us, Jack will get Amanda a pony for being very fearless during the Romania.

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