Throughout the years, Stefan dropped madly in love with Katherine, just who after found in order to your you to definitely she are a vampire

Throughout the years, Stefan dropped madly in love with Katherine, just who after found in order to your you to definitely she are a vampire

Stefan spent my youth by the a nurse throughout the Italian courtroom, together with a variety of personal tutors, when you find yourself Giuseppe however mistreated Stefan, Stefan concerned about his degree and you will to provide themselves as good nobleman, being able the guy will be operate to particular individuals

Species: vampire Experience: Super electricity, super price, very speed, extremely longevity, immortality, extremely data recovery, psychological manage, improved emotions, head compulsion, telepathy, fantasy control, shapeshifting.

Stefan Salvatore was given birth to Stefano Salvatore within the Florence Italy for the July 5th, 1490 to Conte Giuseppe Salvatore and his wife Contessa Salvatore. Stefan is the younger aunt out of Damiano Salvatore just who never ever liked Stefan. Their mommy passed away when Stefan was 36 months old, together with youngest of the Salvatore family relations grew up rarely recalling his mother, merely remembering the fresh new voice from her voice while the smell of this lady aroma. Stefan’s delivery weakened their mommy and you will she ultimately passed away because of shedding sick when you’re weak. Giued Stefan to possess their wife’s passing and you may started hitting him incase he made errors, of course the guy ashamed him in front of the most other nobles inside the Italy.

A year immediately after his mom’s demise, Giuseppe got another wedding set-up on daughter out of a keen Italian count, Valentina. Giuseppe took over the count’s region in the Italy. Valentina offered birth to a child when Stefan try seven, number of years immediately following she and you may Giued your Antonio. Stefan is type on his young cousin, whereas Damon treated your such as for example he had Stefan.

Name: Stefano Salvatore Nickname(s): Stefan (everyone) Birth Date: July fifth, 1490 Gender: cismale (he/him) Orientation: pansexual Community: nobleman/aristocrat (former), nomadic traveller, twelfth grade beginner

he was the best guy and you will quite a romantic whether or not it stumbled on wooing the students lady on the possibility good helpful ily the woman originated from.

During the summer out of 1507, whenever Stefan try seventeen, Baron von Swartzschild, good German nobleman and you can a friend from Giue so you can Italy away from Germany together with more youthful, gorgeous dily to help Katherine with her recuperation out-of a dreadful infection, which had severely weakened he currently delicate condition. Across the months, Stefan and you can Katherine invested long along with her as well as their dad’s had first started sharing the fresh applicants off it is possible to matrimony within several. not, Stefan’s brother, Damon returned regarding unnamed college he was browsing, in which he caught Katherine’s eye inside the tries to acquire payback facing stefan through they an opponent for damon due to their vanity, pride and you will pride. stefan turned jealous and you may let down from the damon’s effort out of turning katherine on the an opponent and then he and you can damon in the long run informed her to help you select from the pair of them for just who she wished to be the woman spouse. all of the brothers provided this lady time to decide, and the evening just before she established the lady bers and you may exchanged blood having your, since the she had selected your, much so you can stefan’s higher glee. however when katherine revealed the girl on the was indeed one another shocked one to she had chose both, when she provided him or her each other lapis lazuli gold bands, rings that will help manage them regarding the sunrays shortly after it done their changes to the vampires of the underworld.

none stefan nor damon could undertake so it, arguing you to definitely she need certainly to select from the two of them and you can which they couldn’t be good with sharing their, far so you’re able to katherine’s dismay. because of the blood replace which has happened between him and you will katherine, stefan arrived at become change and you can improvements happening in the human anatomy and you may pointed out that the guy longed way more to have blood compared to normal human food. eventually, he went along to katherine’s compartments which have damon and her housemaid, gudren, who’d advised him or her one katherine is actually by yourself on backyard. the salvatore brothers searched for katherine from the lawn however, would not see the lady indeed there.

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